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Add-On ModuleBulk Compare [Add-On Module] Get an Instant Birds-eye View of The Duplicate Content Across Multiple Articles

Bulk Compare [Add-On Module]Bulk Compare Summary

The Bulk Compare add-on module provides powerful functionality for quickly comparing multiple articles against each other at the same time. Simply select the articles within a DupeFree Pro project, click "Compare", and a scalable matrix grid will be populated with the duplicate content results data.

The multi-article comparison process uses DupeFree Pro's customizable duplicate content algorithm settings and variable color thresholds when outputting the data in each matrix grid cell. This gives you a fast way of cross-referencing multiple articles by locating the article pairs in a project that are of an unwanted similarity based on your desired settings. A simple click on a matrix grid cell gives you the option to open the two articles directly in the Visual Editor module so you can begin editing the articles immediately.

Read on below for more details on the Bulk Compare Module's features...

Important: This is an add-on module and so it can only be purchased after you own a license to the Visual Editor core module.

Bulk Compare Features Click images to see them full size!

Matrix Grid

Matrix Grid

The main feature of the Bulk Comparison add-on module is the output matrix grid. This is where the duplicate content percentage and matching pair counts are displayed in individual cells for all the articles you've selected to compare within an a DupeFree Pro project.

Each cell is populated as DupeFree Pro processes the comparison for each of the articles. Cells are colored green, red or yellow depending on the duplicate content settings and color thresholds you have set in DupeFree Pro. When the bulk comparison process has completed you can quickly see exactly where the problems are between all your articles. This provides a very unique and fast system for helping you to rewrite multiple articles with minimal duplicate content between them all.

Row/Column Navigation Aids

Row/Column Navigation Aids

When a lot of articles are being compared in the matrix grid, it can quickly become confusing as to which articles relate to which cell. To eradicate this issue we've designed the matrix grid so the title row and column remain in view as you scroll around. There's also vertical and horizontal row/column highlighting that moves with your mouse cursor as well as a tool tip when mousing over article titles for those extra long article names.

These features really help you to quickly see which articles relate to the a specific matrix grid cell making this process a smooth, fast and pleasant experience.

Flexible Interface

Flexible Interface

With all the DupeFree Pro modules, we always try to make the interface as flexible as possible allowing you to work how you prefer. The Bulk Compare add-on module is no different.

All the windows in the interface are flexible and can be resized. So, if you have a large amount of articles in your project or you want to see more of the matrix grid, you can simply move the window borders around to fit your needs.

Matrix Grid Zoom

Matrix Grid Zoom

The number of articles you wish to compare at once can vary a lot. So we've added the ability to "zoom" in and out of the matrix grid.

Zooming in and out scales the sizing of the matrix grid allowing you to zoom right out to get an instant overview of all the article comparisons and quickly spot the problem areas. Or you can zoom right in to check the comparison details closer.

Article Selection Options

Article Selection Options

The article selection window shows a list of all the articles available in the current DupeFree Pro project. Here you can quickly select any of the articles by selecting the checkboxes and using the "select all", "select none" and "invert selection" options.

If you have already run a bulk comparison on the articles in the current project, you can select and deselect articles and the data in the Bulk Comparison Statistics window will automatically update to display data based on only the selected articles.

Bulk Comparison Statistics

Bulk Comparison Statistics

The Bulk Comparison Statistics window displays statistics data about the current matrix grid results. This data includes the following:

  • Overall average percentage:
    This value is the average value of all of the output percentages displayed in each matrix grid cell. It is basically the average of all of the comparisons.
  • Number of articles compared:
    This simply shows you the total number of articles compared in the matrix grid against the total number of articles in the current DupeFree Pro project.
  • Average of red/yellow/green percentages:
    These three seperate values display the average value of all the red, yellow and green comparisons in the matrix grid.
  • Percentage of values in red/yellow/green:
    These three values display the percentage of matrix grid cells that are either red, yellow or green. These are handy values to quickly get an idea of the percentage of troublesome articles in a project.
Articles Options Menu

Quickly Open Article Pairs Inside Visual Editor Module

If you spot a problem area in the matrix grid, you can simply click on the cell to display an article options menu. This menu shows the full names of the two article for that cell along with an option to open the two articles immediately inside the Visual Editor module. Clicking this will whisk you over to the Visual Editor with the two articles automatically opened side by side ready for you to edit - a real time saver!

This is a fantastic way to work very efficiently... Simply spot a red or yellow cell in the matrix grid, click to display the menu, click again to open the articles side by side in the Visual Editor, use the Visual Editors duplicate content highlighting to locate the duplicate content and edit the problem areas, and you're done. Fast, easy, efficient!

Get The Bulk Compare Add-On Module Now!

David Morton"I have found DupeFree Pro to be an invaluable tool in assisting me to determine the duplicate content when writing several articles on the same subject. I was quite amazed how much overlap content there was. DupeFree Pro enabled me to confidently re-write articles multiple times with non-duplicated content. It was a real eye opener."
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David Morton

DC, Australia

Kevin A. Koop"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your DupeFree Pro software! This is a godsend for all Article Marketers regardless of whether they're using PLR Articles or not.

I love that you included a "word-count" feature and a tool that checks for "keyword-density." Having everything in one place is such a timesaver!"
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Kevin A. Koop

California, USA

Tom Kavanagh"...Then I discovered DupeFree Pro and I was able to check all my sites content. It was a great relief to me that all my sites content was indeed unique and now I will be able to check all my content from now on before I publish it.

Thanks for making it possible for me to have the use of this fantastic tool."
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Tom Kavanagh



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