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New Update Available: Bug Fixes

10 Jan Posted by in News & Updates | 5 comments
New Update Available: Bug Fixes

We’ve just pushed live an update today that fixes a few bugs. When you next run DFP is should prompt you to install new updates. The details on the fixes are below.

Bugs fixes in this update:

  • Visual Editor: Common words table now updates correctly with all words present in the article windows.
  • Article Importing: When trying to import an MS Word doc file that is not a true MS Word 97-2003 .doc file, DFP now displays an error message to show that the doc file isn’t of the correct format. Note: MS Word .docx files are not compatible with DFP. In order to import a docx Word document, you need to convert it to a Word 97-2003 .doc file which can be done by saving it as this format from with MS Word or by using some software tools online to convert the files.
  • DFP Window Resizing Issue: The main DFP window was shrinking on each load making the interface smaller on each run. DFP should now maintain the correct same window size from the previous run.
  • Online Check: When the “Random” sentence selection button is repeatedly pressed it stops functioning. This is now fixed and the “Random” button should work consistently regardless of frequent clicking.

This is just the begining of some great updates and releases for 2012, so keep a look out for what’s coming in the months ahead!

Thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback so far, it’s a great help. And please do keep sending in your suggestions :)

We hope you all are having a great start to 2012!

Facebook comments:

  1. Orion Telescopes02-03-12

    Thanks for such an awesome tool, now I can’t write articles without it. :)

    I’m still using v1.1.2. How do I get an update? When I startup DFP it didn’t prompt me for update.

  2. Mike Pratt04-18-12

    I agree with – Orion Telescopes – I too am using version 1.1.2,
    How do we update the software to version 2?

  3. Mike G.04-19-12

    Big thank you’s for your kind comments Orion and Mike :)

    The older V1 DupeFree Pro is a separate product from the new V2 DFP. So I’m afraid there is no upgrade from V1 to V2. V2 is a completely reworked software product offering a lot more than the old, and now defunct, V1.

    I hope this helps – just shout if you have any other questions at all.


  4. Joseph Zavada08-04-12

    While I realize this is V2 Pro is a beta version, I am somewhat disappointed with the complexity of the Install procedure. I have experience as a SW test engineer so I understand what it takes to get the bugs out but by Version 2 you should at least have a straightforward loader program. Your Install video has too much overhead and background explanations. You need a 1,2,3 load and go approach if you want this very useful application to take off. The ordinary user will not have the patience to make 10 different decisions just to get started. So Keep It Simple!

  5. Mike G.08-06-12

    Thank you for your feedback Joseph. We welcome all feedback and take on board all comments.

    We fully understand your comments in regards to the installation process. We agree it needs simplifying, and so it’s an area that we are looking to improve on.

    Thanks again for your feedback and do feel free to tell us more about what you think in future. User feedback is key to any software ;)

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