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DupeFree Pro v2 Is Now Live!!

18 Jul Posted by in News & Updates | 4 comments
DupeFree Pro v2 Is Now Live!!

The backend work is now complete and DupeFree Pro v2 is live and ready for purchase! :)

Over the coming weeks we’ll be fixing any issues found during this public beta phase and as soon as it comes out of beta development of the new Add-On Modules will begin.

Here’s to an exciting future with DupeFree Pro v2!


Facebook comments:

  1. Kitrina Caputo07-18-11

    This is probably not the right place for this question, but I still would like to know the progress for use with Macs. I don’t know of any similar software compatible with Mac. How can I keep up with that?

  2. Dragon07-18-11

    Fantastic job on DFP2, can’t wait for all the extras. This baby really rocks. It has become my main tool in article writing.

  3. Mike Grzywacz07-19-11

    @Kitrina – DFP v2 currently isn’t compatible with Mac’s, however, we are getting an increasing number of requests for this, so if DFP v2 does well we will develop a Mac version for sure :)

    @Dragon – thanks for the kind words Dragon! Glad you like it, we have some really cool things planned for it.

  4. rhinoplasty08-06-11

    great……. :)

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